photos storage and work space

all units accessible by car!

Your partner in storage and work space

3 M² - 90 M²

* Walls made of 50 mm steel sandwich panels
* Steel rolling doors with cylinder lock
* Units from 3 m² to 60 m²
* Doorway height 2.60 m - 2.95 m
* Unit height 3 m - 3.60 m

rental information

* Always sharp and fixed rates
* You do not pay additional costs
* 2 Months' notice
* 1 Month deposit

24/7 access

* Always load and unload in front of your unit
* All units accessible by car or van
* Available day and night
* 7-Meter-wide driving lanes

closed circuit television

* Access control by digital tag system
* Indoor and outdoor surveillance
* Solid steel doors with cylinder lock
* 24/7 Camera surveillance
* Object security


* Units standard fitted with tube led lights
* Electricity supply is an option (220V)


* Public toilet available
* Payments by automatic collection
* Free WIFI

The luxury and comfort of the Drive in Units (the possibility to drive right up to your unit!) are second to none. In addition, despite this excellent service we are also the cheapest provider in this sector in the province of South Holland. If, unfortunately, your ideal unit-size is not listed. Not a problem, we can create one for you! Also for additional requirements in and around the unit (electricity, additional lighting), you can count on us. Ask about our terms and conditions.

rental information: your unit in two steps

Step 1: Choose your unit:
Drive in Units Naaldwijk offers clean, dry and secure storage and work space. The units are 3 m to 3.60 m high.
By scrolling "available" you will get an overview of all units.
By mail ( using the contact form) or by telephone you can make your choice known to us.
To make it even easier for you, we can arrange to meet and assist you on location at the Hovenierstraat 99.
Call now and rent in 30 minutes! (During business hours.)

Step 2: The official part
Once you have made a choice, you will receive an information form to fill in your personal details. We will fill in the rental agreement with the information you have provided us and you will need to sign this agreement. For your and our convenience, we will collect the deposit (once only), the rent and, if applicable, the service charges from the account you specify. You will receive the keys to your unit and an access tag.


You pay 1 month rent as security deposit. 2 Months' notice is required.
If you want to relocate internally to a larger (or smaller) unit, it can be done immediately (if available). 
Doorway height is 2.60 meter to 2.95 meter, unit height is 3 meter to 3.60 meter.
(Individuals do not pay VAT.) 

ground floor

12 M2 € 215,00
13 M2 € 225,00
15 M2 € 253,00
18 M2 € 285,00
19 M2 € 295,00
20 M2 € 305,00
21 M2 € 315,00
25 M2 € 350,00
26 M2 € 355,00
30 M2 € 385,00
36 M2 € 450,00
38 M2 € 465,00
40 M2 € 480,00
50 M2 € 545,00
55 M2 € 595,00
60 M2 € 655,00

1st and 2ND floor

M2 € 78,00
M2 € 94,00
M2 € 112,00
M2 € 127,00
M2 € 142,00
M2 € 155,00
M2 € 168,00
10 M2 € 174,00
11M2 € 184,00
12 M2 € 198,00
13 M2 € 212,00
15 M2 € 236,00
16 M2 € 248,00
17 M2 € 259,00
18 M2 € 269,00
19 M2 € 279,00
20 M2 € 289,00
23 M2 € 318,00
25 M2 € 328,00
26 M2 € 338,00
30 M2 € 358,00
40 M2 € 430,00
50 M2 € 500,00
52 M2 € 520,00
60 M2 € 600,00
Prices are valid until 31-12-2023. All prices are exclusive VAT.
(Individuals do not pay VAT.)


At the Drive in Units Naaldwijk, the units are divided over three floors. The first floor is accessible by driving up on an outside ramp. Each unit is accessible by car or van.

The address of Drive in Units Naaldwijk is Hovenierstraat 99b2, 2671 DB te Naaldwijk.
Drive-in Units Naaldwijk, ground floor

floor plan ground floor

The 33 Drive in Units on the ground floor vary in size from 12 m² to 98 m². By connecting units, larger sizes can be obtained. The units are equipped with lighting and if you like they can also be fitted with their own electricity supply. (Ask for the conditions)

Drive-in Units Naaldwijk, 1st Floor

floor plan 1st floor

On the first floor 118 Drive in Units are available, ranging in size from ​​3 m² to 30 m². Again, all units are equipped with lighting. Electricity supply is optional in the units. (Ask for the conditions)

Floor plan 2ND Floor

On the second floor, 80 Drive in Units are available, ranging in size from 3 m² to 34 m². Again, all units are equipped with lighting. Electricity can be made optional in the units. (Ask for the conditions)


Are you ready to store your stuff, your car or motorcycle or start using your new workplace?
Or do you just want more information about the posibilities of Drive in Units?
Please contact us by completing the form below.

Contact information

mailing address

Secretaris Verhoeffweg 19e
2671 HT Naaldwijk

Visiting addresses:
Delft: Schieweg 89
Naaldwijk: Hovenierstraat 99 b2
Pijnacker: Vlielandseweg 20j